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Thursday, 19 October 2017

**Mature** CGI Animated Short "Black Holes" - by Meat Dept (D.Nicolas, L...

Couple of pick ups, and an incredible package from ComicHorder410!

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Comic Events

I assume that it is a joke when three people ask what events I will be selling books at?

This is the UK and if you are not cowtowing to the bully boys then event organizers are not letting you have a table.

THREE events I contacted within five minutes of their saying tables were now available.  All gone it seems, though I'm told by someone an hour later that they JUST booked a table.

You do not just get bullying and sexism in "big" industries and it happens in comics and I will NOT just stand by and let it happen so I can sell books.

I have an online store.  Buy there!