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Sunday, 17 December 2017

I KNOW That I shouldn't care but....

I spent until 0200 hrs this morning checking out all the Comic Con Dortmund videos I could find and none seem to mention comic books.  I am guessing that there MUST have been some there but it seems the main focus was put on cosplay and merchandising.

Which is quite sad.  My comments -before anyone suggests otherwise- were not an attack on the event but to point out that those attending did not seem to want to bother focussing any attention on comic books.  If your event is called "comic con" then, logically, comics need to be a focus.

Perhaps events ought to release their own live streams or even daily videos from events because, comic fans are not going to think "I'll go there next year!" if all they think it is about are cosplayers and merchandise.

Just a suggestion.  And if you know of any videos dealing with comics at the event -LET ME KNOW!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

WTF -It say "COMIC Con Dortmund"??

Okay, I have been watching a LOT of videos and I think I got the title wrong.  It is Cosplay-action figures & Movies Dortmund 2017.  See, I got fooled by "Comic con Dortmund"

PLEASE if anyone has a link to anything actually related to comic books or comic books artists and publishers at the event please leave a comment!

Comic Con Dortmund 2017

Comic Con Dortmund 2017

GERMAN COMIC CON - DORTMUND 2017 ∴ ZWEIKAMPFSOFA unterwegs - #1von2 ∴ Co...

I did NOT enjoy German Comic Con Dortmund 2017... #GCC #GCCDortmund

GERMAN COMIC CON - DORTMUND 2017 ∴ ZWEIKAMPFSOFA unterwegs - #2von2 ∴ Co...

RÉTRO COMICS 29 - les Vengeurs de la Côte Ouest - 4/6

Friday, 15 December 2017

Phase Two Has Begun!

That sounded dramatic, didn't it?  No ants trying to take over the world.  No beetles trying to take over the world nor any other member of the insect kingdom thinking about taking over the world.

Am I the only one worries about that?  Forget the primates the ants are going to be the ones to watch. They've bitten me a few times this year...okay, I was infringing on their territory but do I need a United Nations border guard in my own garden?

I've forgotten where I was now....spiders....never ever kill a spider. They will get you back and don't think I am kidding. Spiders as big as my hand!

What was Phase II?  Hang on....

new socks....
....get a life (yeah, that's likely)...

Ah. Yes, Phase II of Black Tower.  If you read the AOP Blog (link on the blog roll) you will have noticed that the number of prose books has risen -all non fiction.  A couple others are planned but they are so secret even I am not allowed to know what they are.  Bit unfair but there you go.

Phase II does not just mean expanding to more prose but the comics/graphic novel side of things are being re-arranged.  The eight issue Black Tower Super Heroes, of which 7.5 issues are completed, will see publication in 2018 along with a couple of one-shot titles.  This will lead up to the third and final part of the Invasion Earth Trilogy which should have seen print in 2014 -The Green Skies.

Phase II covers 2018 only and will be a concentration on publishing only since no UK comics event seems willing to allow Black Tower to book a table.

There could be a couple of surprises but if I said anything now it might jinx things...and they would not be a surprise.